"Russ was the general contractor for a major rebuild of our 37 year old home. The work began with creative conceptual design developments that opened unexpected possibilities. Russ' attention to detail, insistence on uncompromising quality, and employment of high quality crafts and trades throughout the project resulted in a beautiful finished product. We greatly appreciated Russ' stress-free style and suggestion that we enjoy the process as well as the outcome. We are so pleased that Russ helped us make our house into a high quality home that will serve us well for many years to come."

Anne and RobertCorvallis, Oregon

"Russ built my dental office in 1980 and my home in 2001.  During both projects he worked to save money without having a negative impact on the final result.  With several decades of contracting experience he knows the reliable sub-contractors to work on your project....he is organized, an excellent communicator, and great to work with.  I have never been disappointed in any of his work."

Dr. Ken Johnson, Corvallis, Oregon  

"We bought our house in 1999. The house was built by Russ Peterson in 1981 and originally had 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.  We were planning on extension and adding 4th bedroom even when we were buying. We asked Russ to do the remodeling for us, and were so impressed both with quality of his work and his very pleasant personality. 

That is why when decided on next remodeling (changing garage shape front entrance to the house) we did not hesitate to trust this job to Russ. We are so happy with everything he has done to make our house get along with our wishes - being every time so responsive, helpful and reliable.  We will not hesitate to trust him with future projects and recommend him to anyone."

Lana & Anatoli, Corvallis, Oregon

"After three plus years of living in our house, we still look around and say, WOW! Look what a beautiful house we live in!...that Russ built!

Russ was with us from the beginning nearly six years ago, when our property was simply a pasture. During countless meetings in the 18 months before any groundbreaking had occurred, we frequently asked him, "When will you start charging us for your time?" He just smiled or laughed each time.

Russ helped us find a workable house plan and to make adjustments to it. Our project outside the city limits included a well, a septic system, and long gas and electric power lines. From the moment the excavation and construction began, there was a hum of daily activity, extremely well organized by both Russ and Becky, his invaluable assistant. His team of subcontractors were absolutely first rate; they appeared to have excellent working relationships with Russ and Becky, with each other, and certainly did with us.

We can't think of any moments of stress or annoyance during the eight plus months of construction. We were directly involved every step of the way, living only 100 yards away, from where we could observe and visit the house being built on a daily basis.

Although we have heard many others over the years complain about working with a contractor, we had absolutely no complaints. To this day, when even a minor problem arises which might be construction-related, Russ is very promptly here to resolve the problem." 

From Sandra and Robert Verhoogen, Corvallis, Oregon

"We purchased our home from the Fullertons, who I believe had you do the initial build as well as the remodel.  We were told by our local realtor of your reputation.  

We also own a home in Central Oregon which has allowed us to compare and contrast both homes on a regular basis. Having lived in Corvallis for going on 4 years, I can personally attest to the quality of your work and the forthought that was put into its practical and intuitive design. Our realtor was correct regarding your reputation.  

Although we have no projects planned for the near future, I wanted to thank you for the great house that we have make our Corvallis home.  If we do move forward on a home project, you will be the first contractor we call. Regards, and thanks."

Mike Hudson, Corvallis, Oregon


(541) 757-7108